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Aktuelle Preprints

Klopp, E. & Klößner, S. (2019). The Impact of the Choice of Scaling Method on the Properties and Interpretation of Parameter Estimates in Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables. OSF Preprints,

Klopp, E. & Stark, R. (2019). Scientific controversies and epistemological sensitization - Effects of an intervention on psychology students’ epistemological beliefs and argumentation skills. Psyarxiv,

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Klopp, E. & Stark, R. (2018). Learning scientific explanations by means of worked examples – promoting psychology students’ explanation competence. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 17, 144-165.

Klößner, S. & Klopp, E. (2019). Explaining constraint interaction: How to interpret estimated model parameters under alternative scaling methods. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 16, 143-155

Klopp, E. & Stark, R. (2016). Persönliche Epistemologien - Elemente wissenschaftlicher Kompetenz. In A.-K.Mayer & T. Rosman (Hrsg.). Denken über Wissen und Wissenschaft. Epistemologische Überzeugungen als Gegenstand psychologischer Forschung (S. 39-69). Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers.